Diplomacy PH

Advancing the Art and Science of Diplomacy

Diplomacy PH

Advancing the Art and Science of Diplomacy

“A Peaceful, Prosperous, and People-centric world through universal diplomacy”


About Us

DiplomacyPH with the Department of Foreign Affairs Philippine Embassy in Wellington, is the Philippine anchor of the initiative and global concept “Universal Diplomacy”. DiplomacyPH aims to advance the art and science of diplomacy through harnessing the inner diplomat of each individual. This end we intend to achieve through the Diplomatic Leadership Academy and involvement of the members to the different programs and initiatives of DiplomacyPH, inter alia Diplomatic League, Diplomatic Chamber, City Diplomacy, Regional Diplomacy.


Diplomatic Leadership Academy

The DLA seeks to orient career diplomats and potential diplomats in Universal Diplomacy, and to be a flexible continuing education and life-long learning resource for Diplomacy at all levels, in all directions, and through all three Tracks.

Diplomatic League

The future of universal diplomacy and the world; Diplomatic League is the the first and lead organization of undergraduate Diplomacy Students, youth organizations, and delegations with formal diplomacy degree or universal diplomacy degree around the world. 

Diplomatic Chamber and Corps of Volunteer Diplomats

The global network of individuals and institutions connecting and catalyzing their causes, communities, and commerce. Members of DC and CDV have access to this network of three tracks of diplomats and diplomatic institutions.

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